New grid solutions

for profitable offshore wind development

Our vision is that offshore wind farms connected to an offshore grid will provide a large share of the energy supply in Europe to reach climate targets.

Norwegian companies will be actively engaged in this endeavour as leading wind farm developers, operators and suppliers of technology and solutions.

Floating wind turbine being installed at sea
Group picture - Ocean Grid
The people behind Ocean Grid.
Offshore wind turbine close-up

Reducing costs through research

The Ocean Grid project will develop new technology, knowledge and solutions to reduce the cost of establishing the offshore grid necessary to realize the potential of offshore wind.

World-class partners

Ocean Grid brings together 17 partners dedicated to enabling profitable offshore wind development through innovative grid solutions.






Million NOK




Project lead

Equinor is project owner and responsible for the overall coordination of the activities.

Board chair

The project board is chaired by Fred Olsen Seawind.

Subproject leads