About Ocean Grid

New grid solutions

for profitable offshore wind development

The overall objective for the Green Platform Project Ocean Grid is to develop new technology, knowledge and solutions to enable profitable development of offshore wind – both bottom-fixed and floating – in Norway. This will enable the creation of new green jobs, result in increased export revenues and at the same time contribute to climate goals.

Illustration showing three wind turbines at sea, with coastline in the background.

The project will:

  • Analyse and propose new market designs and the associated regulatory framework to enable profitable deployment of offshore wind farms in Norway in 2030-2050. Aspects related to HVDC interoperability are also analysed.
  • Reduce direct and indirect cable cost with focus on inter-array systems based on new cable technology and material without metallic water barrier.
  • Assess cost reduction potential for subsea substations based on smart and standardized solutions, and develop a 66 kV subsea connector system to meet requirements from 15+ MW wind turbines.
  • Develop standardized, integrated and capital-expenditures-effective solutions for floating HVDC substations for large scale floating offshore wind installations. Give input to relevant regulations and develop verification tools.
  • Carry out open research to support the development within grid expansion optimisation, energy market design, system interoperability and Wet design cables.

World-class partners

Ocean Grid brings together 17 partners dedicated to enabling profitable offshore wind development through innovative grid solutions.

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Research and innovation