Floating HVDC platform

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Floating HVDC platform (SP4) will develop concepts rated at 1.5 GW/320 kV and 3 GW/525 kV for connecting large floating wind farms. Such floating HVDC converter stations are non-existing today but will through this subproject be developed by Aibel together with Hitachi ABB Power Grids, using their strong expertise from the oil and gas sector and as supplier of bottom-fixed HVDC platforms for the offshore wind market.

Aibel leads this subproject, and is responsible for the concept and product development, as well as being product owner. Hitachi Energy will develop HVDC Floaters. DNV will look at rules and regulations. Nexans is responsible for dynamic cables and acceptance criteria. Agder Energi will provide the end-user point of view. Equinor will carry out discussions on the technical and strategic levels. SINTEF will develop a simulation tool.

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