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Subsea substation: 66 kV wet mate connection system (SP3): Subsea substation technology has the potential to reduce capital expenditures compared to floating solutions by 20-50 %. Successful qualification of a 66 kV AC wet mate connection system for this application will increase the turnover within two years from 100 to 160 million NOK per year, increase the need for manpower and secure Norwegian jobs at Aker Solutions and Benestad.

The subproject is led by Aker Solutions together with Benestad, Equinor, Aker Offshore Wind, ABB and SINTEF. Benestad will develop and perform qualification testing on a 66 kV AC wet mate and penetrator. Equinor and Aker Offshore Wind will contribute to test requirements and system functionality regulations. ABB will take care of engineering and analysis for development, as well as system and functional requirement input of electrical equipment. SINTEF will lead test requirement definitions, material and analysis.

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Expected results

3D rendering of a subsea substation near a floating wind turbine.