Progress updates – Floating HVDC platform

Updates from the “Floating HVDC platform” subproject (SP4)

September 2022

SP4 Subsea station

Aibel together with Hitachi, DNV and SINTEF Ocean is developing concepts rated at 1.4 GW 2.2 GW for connecting large floating wind farms. These floating HVDC converter stations currently do not exist, but will be developed by Aibel through this subproject together with Hitachi, using their strong expertise from both the oil and gas sector and as a supplier of bottom-fixed HVDC platforms for the offshore wind market.

The goal is to develop the floater and utility systems to a level ready for sale. SINTEF Ocean will develop a tool that can verify that rules/standards and equipment manufacturers – e.g. cable bending radii, ULS, etc. – are not violated by the given floater design.

For the concept level, Aibel will make the system design for the disciplines and systems that directly contribute to the primary function of the platform. The basis of design for a 1.4GW unit has been established based on the existing template for the bottom fixed HVDC unit at Aibel.

The key outcome is also to provide input on rules and regulations to Norwegian authorities  There will be a close cooperation and interaction between the work packages to ensure that DNV can develop an over-arching standard for floating HVDC platforms.

  • The project will apply the lean design principle to ensure that unnecessary complex or wasteful systems and processes are removed, to ensure a high-reliability and low-maintenance concept.
  • The solutions will be based on the Aibel lean design and Hitachi HVDC light system.
  • The target value for availability is 99%, and less than 1,500 offshore man-hours per year.
  • This concept design will be in line with the following agreed hierarchy of applicable regulations, standards, guidelines, and specifications: Norwegian regulation and law, DNV-ST-0145, IEC, ISO, National standards, European codes (DIN, EU), NORSOK, end user specifications (if any).
SP4 Lead Mahmoud Etemaddar (Aibel)